Craig Rutledge - API to Utility Xref

QBNLMODI - List Module Info  
QBNLPGMI - Retrieve ILE Program Information
QBNLSPGM - List Service Program Info  
QBNRMODI - Retrieve Module Information  
QCDRCMDI- Retrieve Command Information
QCLRPGMI - Retrieve Program Information
QCMDCHK- Check Command Syntax
QDBBRCDS - Bring Data Base Records
QDBLDBR - List Database Relations
QDBRTVFD - Retrieve Database File Description
QDMLOPNF - List Open Files  
QECCVTEC - Convert edit code to an edit mask
QECEDT - Apply edit mask
QGYCLST - Close List
QGYGTLE - Get List Entries
QGYOLOBJ - Open List of Objects
QMHLJOBL - List Job Log Messages  
QMHQRDQD - Retrieve Data Queue Description
QMHRDQM - Retrieve Data Queue Message  
QMHRTVM - Retrieve Message Description  
QMHRTVRQ - Retrieve Request Message  
QMHSNDBM - Send Break Message  
QMHSNDPM - Send Program Message
QSNGETCSRADR- Get Cursor Address  
QSPCLOSP - Close Spooled File
QSPGETSP - Get Spooled File Data
QSPOPNSP - Open Spooled File
QSPCRTSP - Create Spooled File
QSPPUTSP - Put Spooled File
QSPRJOBQ - Retrieve Job Queue Information  
QSQCHKS - Syntax Check SQL Statements  
QUSADDUI - Add User Index Entries
QUSCRTUI - Create User Index
QUSDLTUI - Delete User Index
QUSRTVUI - Retrieve User Index Entries
QUSCMDLN - Display Command Line Window
QUSCRTUS - Create User Space
QUSPTRUS - Retrieve Pointer to User Space
QUSCUSAT - Change User Space Attributes  
QUSLFLD - List File Fields
QUSLJOB - List Jobs  
QUSLMBR - List Database File Members
QUSLOBJ - List Objects
QUSLRCD - List Record Formats
QUSLSPL - List Spooled Files
QUSRJOBI - Retrieve Job Information  
QUSRMBRD - Retrieve Member Description
QUSROBJD - Retrieve Object Description
QUSRSPLA - Retrieve Spooled File Attributes
QUSRUSAT - Retrieve User Space Attributes
QWCCVTDT - Convert Date and Time Format  
QWCLASBS - List Active Subsystem
QSDRSBSD - Retrieve Subsystem Info
QWDLSBSE - List Subsystem Entries
QWDRSBSD - Retrieve Subsystem Information
QWCLOBJL - List Object Locks  
QWCRDTAA - Retrieve Data Area  
QWCRNETA - Retrieve Network Attributes  
QWCRSVAL - Retrieve System Value  
QWCRTVCA - Retrieve Current Job Attributes  
QWDRJOBD - Retrieve Job Description Information
QWTCHGJB - Change Job Job Attributes  
'atof' - C function String to Float  
CEERAN0 - Return Random Number
SQLALLOCCONNECT - Allocates Connection Handle
SQLALLOCENV - Allocates Memory for Environment Handle
SQLALLOCSTMT - Allocate New Statement Handle
SQLBINDCOL - Bind Column
SQLCONNECT - Establish Connect to DB
SQLERROR - Monitor Errors
SQLEXECDIRECT - Executes Perpared Statment
SQLFETCH - Fetch Rows
SQLFREEENV - Releases Memory
SQLFREESTMT - Ends Statement Processing
SQLPREPARE - Prep Statement
SQLSETENVATTR - Set Environment Variable
_TSTBTS, _SETBTS MI function  
'System' - C function to execute commands

If you have any question about API usage in any of these utilities, email me .

All these utilities are available in the download text file DOWNLOAD along with all other programs on this site.

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Last modified January 23rd, 2013.