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This page is V5R4, V6R1 or V7. The source incorporates /IF DEFINED(*VxRxMx) statements to use new features of the various OS versions. Click here for V5R1 download page.

Download the JCRCMDS text file your iSeries IFS drive. (or you can FTP the file to a source file member and skip step2)

Installation Instructions

1) CRTSRCPF FILE(mylib/JCRCMDS) RCDLEN(112). Create a source physical file (Crtsrcpf) with a record length of 112 named JCRCMDS in the library where you wish to install the commands. The library name can be any existing library. (I will use mylib for the rest of the instructions). Note:The source file name must be JCRCMDS.

2) CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('\jcrcmds.txt') TOMBR('/qsys.Lib/mylib.lib/jcrcmds.file/a.mbr') MBROPT(*ADD) . Copy from IFS drive to an iSeries source file:

3) CPYF FROMFILE(mylib/JCRCMDS) TOFILE(mylib/JCRCMDS) FROMMBR(a) TOMBR(parser) MBROPT(*REPLACE) FROMRCD(385) TORCD(690) to extract the XML member parser.

4) In PDM: Change member PARSER source type to RPGLE and compile PARSER with option 14.

5) Call mylib/PARSER parm(a jcrcmds mylib) to extract all members from the XML.

6) In PDM: Navigate to member JCRCOMPOST in file JCRCMDS. Compile member JCRCOMPOST in mylib using option 14.

7) Call mylib/JCRCOMPOST parm(mylib) to compile all objects in JCRCMDS

You can now remove the upload member if you wish: RMVM FILE(mylib/JCRCMDS) MBR(A)

Procedure for FTP uploads

you need to ftp to an already created source file. Not let the as400 create a data file.

put the jcrcmds.txt in your C: directory

Create source file JCRCMDS 112 in mylib

FTP xx.xx.xx.xx.xx , profile, password, put c:/jcrcmds.txt mylib/jcrcmds

This will create a JCRCMDS member in jcrcmds. Rename this member to A

Then proceed with copy out of parser from member A in JCRCMDS.


Change member type of PARSER to rpgle and compile PARSER with option 14.

call mylib/parser parm(a jcrcmds mylib)

compile jcrcompost

call mylib/jcrcompost parm(mylib)

Note: Not all CL or RPGLE programs may compile on your system. JCRSSQL, for example, requires object authority to DMPSYSOBJ command. If your system does not compile one of the programs, just Ignore the error messages. If you have any question about the install process, email me .

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Last modified January 23rd 2015